About Garden ProPak

Setting a New Industry Standard

Garden ProPak, located in northern California, is happy to introduce the first stand up pouch available to the retail consumer market. Have you noticed that more and more products are standing up on the shelf, have handy tear off tabs, and are resealable and reusable? There is a reason why stand up pouches have taken over the packaging industry.  Convenience is obvious but the best advantage is the ability to keep a product fresh!

We have built a better bag for all your perishable goods, whether they come from the garden or kitchen, the Garden ProPak will keep your goods Fresh and Safe.

Now you can professionally package and store your items just like the goods you buy in so many stores. We have already discovered multiple uses for the Garden ProPak. They are of course  a superior bag for all herbal products, keeping smell and freshness in, as well as creating an extremely professional look to your product.

We have also used them in our refrigerator to keep food such as cheeses fresh for weeks. They are also great for long term storage of grains and dry goods for survival emergency situations. We have used them for camping, and traveling as they do not leak and the aroma barrier is superior to any other bag on the market. They are 12 times more aroma proof than oven bags or heat seal bags. Yes, it would take 12 oven bags to equal one Garden ProPak bag. And you can easily vacuum pack and heat seal the Garden ProPak as well.

We hope you will appreciate and support Garden ProPak in setting new standards of professionalism in packaging. We look forward to serving you in the years ahead.

Keep it Fresh, Keep it Safe!