Garden ProPak excels at preserving flavor & fragrance

But that’s not all. In addition to being the best vapor barrier, conveniently standing up for filling, and having a super good zip lock, Garden ProPaks can be heat sealed using common household appliances – without destroying the zipper!

That’s right: using only your vacuum cleaner hose adapter and a household iron, hair straightener, or hand held or impulse sealer, you can easily vacuum seal your items in a Garden ProPak. Once heat sealed, Garden ProPak becomes 12 times more effective than oven bags. You can use food saver or seal a meal machines to seal Garden ProPak. You just need to seal them twice, once on each side of the bag making sure the seals meet. Using this metro data vacuum, and the impulse sealer, this is the quickest and most efficient way of vacuum and heat sealing our bags. It’s easy.

Later, the convenient tear-off tab allows you to easily open the bag and even heat seal it again. Garden ProPak not only preserves the quality and value of your items, it provides you with a professional finish to your product.

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Garden ProPak vs. Oven & Food Storage Bags

Thanks to Garden ProPak’s unique triple film laminate composition, you can look forward to:

  • No more double, triple bagging – Once you heat seal a Garden ProPak, you would have to use 12 oven bags or food storage bags to equal the odor containment in 1 Garden ProPak.
  • No more loss of fragrance, flavor, color — Garden ProPak preserves the character of its contents by blocking vapor transfer and UV radiation.
  • No more ties or knots — Garden ProPak’s zip closure is reliable and air and water tight.
  • No more spills — Garden ProPak’s wide gusset base and wide-mouth opening allow for easy-filling.
  • No more awkward heat seal machines — Garden ProPak can be heat sealed using a teflon-coated household iron or hair-straightening iron.
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Featuring Garden ProPak's Exclusive Design

Triple Film Laminate Garden ProPak is the first storage bag specifically designed to address the protection and preservation of perishable, high value items.

Garden ProPak’s triple laminate is a food grade UV shield inside two layers of high tech vapor barriers.

It is tough, flexible and transparent. Keep it fresh. Keep it safe.

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